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Bitcoin Mining Rev. Hits All-Time Highs

Like many providers in the space, international bitcoin mining services company Compass Mining is on a roll. With the success of BTC and rising mining revenues — now at an all-time high of $60 million per day — this rapidly-growing startup finds itself squarely in the middle of a bull run.Founded in October 2020, Compass has been able to

Rick Caruso’s real estate firm to allow it

Billionaire Rick Caruso's eponymous real estate company is jumping into the world of cryptocurrency, announcing Wednesday it will begin accepting bitcoin as rent payment at its residential and retail properties.The privately held firm said it also has invested a portion of its corporate treasury in bitcoin and entered into a partnership with…

The Importance of Accurate On-Chain Data

Bitcoin market manipulation still exists:The importance of on-chain analytics and blockchain data providers is rising in importance right alongside bitcoin’s price and overall adoption. However, with this increase of importance comes an increase of responsibility. Tens of thousands of traders now use popular on-chain data providers such as

Massive Data Leak Shows Danger Of KYC

As much as 8.2 terabytes of personal information data has allegedly leaked from users of India-based MobiKwik mobile payment’s wallet application and onto the dark web, according to a report from India Times. A white hacker who highlighted the breach called it “probably the largest KYC data leak in history,” per India Times. The leak apparently

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