Mythical Games acquires DMarket: A New Era of Blockchain Gaming Begins

  • The co-founders of DMarket will join the leadership team of Mythical Games.

Mythical Games, a game technology company is dedicated to developing fresh gaming environments using blockchain technology. DMarket, on the other hand is a blockchain-based gaming platform that enables users to securely and openly exchange in-game goods and assets.

Mythical Games, the next generation gaming technology firm recently launched Mythical Marketplace 2.0 after purchasing the marketplace technology start-up DMarket. The new marketplace is  supported by the Mythos native ecosystem token, MYTH, and is built on Mythical’s new layer 1 EVM blockchain.

The acquisition of DMarket by Mythical Games is a significant milestone. By enabling the most sophisticated trading platform for digital assets, DMarket’s technology makes Mythical, as of December, the second-largest processor of digital assets.

John Linden, co-founder and CEO of Mythical Games, stated “We established Mythical Games in 2018 with the goal of bringing about the next generation of gaming and players. That is exactly what we are still doing five years later. Mythical Marketplace 2.0 was created not only to improve our platform but, more importantly, to better the player experience and establish the benchmark for the future of gaming.”.

In addition to NFL Rivals and Nitro Nation World Tour assets, Marketplace 2.0 will support all Mythical titles on the Mythical Chain in the future. The ownership and commerce logic assets on the Mythical Chain will be enforced on a secure distributed ledger using smart contracts.

Vlad Panchenko, co-founder and CEO of DMarket stated, “DMarket has always had its main attention on the expanding gaming market. He expressed his excitement to be a part of Mythical Games’s efforts to lower entry barriers for creative game developers and establish new economies.” He further stated, “We all have the same vision for how the gaming industry will develop and how we can all contribute to making gaming more enjoyable for everyone across the world.”

DMarket’s branch in Kyiv, Ukraine, joins Mythical East, with its main office in Lisbon. The company’s co-founders, Vlad Panchenko and Tamara Slanova will join the executive leadership team of Mythical with a focus on creating the greatest and most user-friendly marketplace technology for the gaming sector.

The Mythical Chain has also been adopted by DMarket for its current marketplace which will continue to function independently of the Mythical Marketplace. Although all trades are documented on the Mythical Chain to give the community complete transparency, will maintain the usual web3 experience.

In summation, the purchase of DMarket by Mythical Games is a significant step toward reimagining the gaming future by utilizing blockchain technology. The gaming industry will experience more safe and open in-game asset and item trading, thanks to the combined expertise of the two organizations. As a result, creativity will be stimulated and gamers and game developers will have new opportunities.

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