Big Eyes Coin – A Presale Meme Token hosted on Ethereum with the potential to surpass

Crypto mining is closely associated with networks operating on the proof-of-work consensus model. Bitcoin was the first proof-of-work platform. Later, Ethereum, Big Eyes’ host blockchain, mimicked this mode of operation.

However, Ethereum has upgraded from this consensus mechanism. The network now operates on the proof-of-stake consensus model. This development has positively affected all Ethereum-based projects, including the Big Eyes platform.

How will the Ethereum merge benefit Big Eyes Coin and other Ethereum -based projects? What features do Big Eyes offer its users? Follow along as we provide answers to these points.

Proof-of-work blockchains powered by crypto miners have experienced significant issues. These issues become apparent as the blockchain ecosystem expands. Blockchains consume more energy as they expand.

However, with its switch to the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, the Ethereum network will use less energy. As a result, Big Eyes will be an environmentally friendly project.

This development aligns with Big Eyes’ objective to save the environment. Big Eyes has dedicated vast amounts of funds toward ensuring marine life’s safety and habitat safety.

In line with this objective, Big Eyes recently donated over $1000 towards the Sea Shepeard initiative. The funds will be used towards securing aquatic life in captivity. Besides working to ensure a better habitat for marine life, Big Eyes also delivers exciting crypto-based services to users.

The NFT platform supports peer-to-peer transactions, which are seamless and transparent, thanks to its host blockchain. As an NFT platform, Big Eyes will support the minting and exchange of non-fungible tokens.

Users can leverage the Big Eyes NFT marketplace to trade their non-fungible tokens for profit. Exchanging these tokens for profit will provide additional earning opportunities for users of the platform. Users can also stake their BIG tokens for extra rewards.

The Avalanche blockchain is a direct rival to the Ethereum network. Before the merger, it surpassed Ethereum with its proof-of-stake functionalities. However, Ethereum has taken back its place as the king of DeFi.

Its affiliation with the Ethereum network makes Big Eyes a solid project with excellent prospects. The platform leverages Ethereum to power its decentralised platform. BIG, its native ERC-20 cryptocurrency, powers all services and earning opportunities within its ecosystem.

Another platform that Big Eyes intends to surpass is the FTX token. One significant improvement will be in its operations. The Big Eyes platform will launch a crypto exchange that surpasses FTX.

FTX operates a centralized crypto trading platform. It allows users to trade crypto assets in different ways. The FTX platform supports spots, futures, and leveraged trading.

The Big Eyes Swap will allow the trading of crypto assets using liquidity pools. Its users can enjoy opportunities like staking and liquidity provision. An additional feature of Big Eyes swap is its cross-chain protocol.

This multi-chain DEX will integrate Ethereum and Binance, among other blockchains. It will allow its users to transfer assets and enjoy features across different blockchains.

The Big Eyes (BIG) ERC-20 cryptocurrency will fuel its operations. It will be the main currency for fees and governance in the Big Eyes ecosystem. Crypto enthusiasts who intend to participate in Big Eyes operations must hold BIG tokens.

It would be best if you had a crypto wallet funded with ETH, BNB, or USDT tokens to buy the tokens. The next step is to visit the Big Eyes official website and enter the presale portal. Connect your wallet with the portal and approve the transaction.

The Big Eyes (BIG) token presale has made over $9 million. It entered stage 6 of its presale in October 2022. This success proves its potential to thrive as a meme coin project.

Big Eyes holds out a lot of opportunities for its users. These include access to a well-developed NFT marketplace. With its Ethereum integration, it will rise and become a fully functional project.

Check out this video for more on this exciting token.

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Big Eyes Coin (BIG)





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